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We are a team of website programmers and online marketers who have come together to develop a powerful real estate directory website and assist property owners and real estate agents from all four corners of the globe. We do not limit our site to listing of single homes, but also offer advertising for businesses for sale, commercial realty, islands, rentals and much more. We are continually adding new functions to the website thanks to the suggestions of our valued members. We believe in creating a win-win-win situation between the members, their prospective clients and our company. This symbiosis keeps us motivated in taking the website and its members to the next level of success.

Since we have programmers on our payroll we can respond quickly to any requests and add tools to the website within days if not hours. Our marketers are focusing on promoting the website and its listings to all search engines by using efficient content marketing, innovative SEO techniques, social media platforms and other other tools available to larger companies.

By using our site and team, you are now able to compete with larger businesses online and give your listing (wherever it may be in the world) the online exposure it deserves.

In a nutshell

Real Estate Online Directory is one of the fastest–growing online directories of properties presented by real estate agents and for sale by owners.

Who are we?

We are a website development and advertising online company focusing on real estate marketing. Most of our team members are custom web programmers and their expertise is enabling us to continually improve our website and adding new tools. We are located in Petaluma, California, USA so when you call us, make sure to remember we are on Pacific Standard Time (707) 794-9999.

Who we are NOT?

We are not a real estate agency or agents. We do not have a real estate license. We do not compete with our members nor do we provide real estate investments advice or any legal advice.

Where do we advertise?

We are a web development company focusing on organic search engine optimization for real estate agents and for home owners so that your individual listing(s) can be found on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other engines.

What is our mission?

Our ultimate goal is to provide serious real estate online advertising at the most affordable price with a professional website and easy-to-use dashboard for our registered members.

How committed are we?

This website is our dream becoming reality. We believe in serious advertising. Our goal is and will always be the success of our members. We love input and are open to your suggestions for adding tools and new functions on the website.

Recent Press Release:

"Real Estate Online Search is the best deal in Internet advertising for all types of Real Estate properties: As low as 67 cents per listing per month! They allow users to list their home, land, business, island, etc. for sale or lease in a matter of seconds.

All the leads go directly from the prospective buyers to the sellers without any time loss. The display of the listings is extremely professional, efficient and attractive. Each property can display up to 20 photographs.

Their software is user-friendly and quick… anyone can use it.
Headquartered in California, this state-of-the-art site covers properties worldwide. As of today, they provide the best online portal for individual sellers and real estate agents to list their properties."


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Though our website welcomes FSBO (for sale by owner) listings, we also work very well with real estate agents from the United States of America and properties' representatives from all countries. Our services are international and you can list a property, land or business for sale or rent located anywhere in the world and it will be found on our search. Visit our Agents Search page >>

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Need a vacation home in Fiji? A retirement condo in Italy? A new home in Florida? You came to the right place. Our detailed search helps you find the best listing for your very specific needs and situation. It will include not only properties listed by agents but also properties listed directly by their owners. This increases your choices and you can communicate directly with the sellers by emailing them directly from the listing page.

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In addition to providing a well-built and designed website and member dashboard, we also want to provide additional tools to help you with the advertising of your property or the search for one. We encourage participation from our members so never hesitate to share with us your fabulous ideas and recommendations. We are programmers at heart and will continue to dedicate our efforts to the website. Check out one of our many resources page >>

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We developed a very easy-to-use website for both visitors looking for real estate and members who want to sell or lease their listing in an affordable and efficient manner. At every step of development, we considered the options and paid great attention to the newest Internet trends and what you, the users, would want to see on a website directory like ours. We also focus on bringing traffic to the listings. Click here for marketing tips >>

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If you have questions, we welcome you to visit our FAQ Page >>. There we address technical questions, marketing and account related questions. We have a search box in which you can type in your specific inquiry. If you still have more questions, we are happy to help you too. Every email sent to us is answered quickly by using our Contact Form >>.

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