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Everyone agrees that real estate is an extremely competitive market.
If you are an agent you are already aware of how many agents and properties are competing with you in your area. You have to do everything you can to bring yourself additional exposure both offline and online. We, at Real Estate Online Search, can assist you with your online presence. What is nice about the Internet is that, if done well, it can work for you every hour of the day even when you are not working. It does not take sick days or vacation. But like any other marketing tool, it needs to be understood and utilize in a manner that will benefit you and your unique situations.
If you are an owner wishing to do a FSBO sale (for sale by owner), then having a strong online presence is going to be even more important as you are competing with multiple listing systems (MLS) and other properties which may be listed in your neighborhood.
Our focus is to provide you with a platform that is technologically advanced, easy to use, comprehensive and quick to create and update your listing. With your membership you are able to access your listing 24/7/365 and edit details in minutes. That is extremely important when you want to add or change an item which may help you sell or rent your property quicker. If you decide to reduce or increase your asking price, you can do so in a couple of steps and your new price will show immediately. There is no waiting period of you informing someone, that person telling the MLS and the MLS updating your information. All can be done in minutes on Real Estate Online Search.


Since our directory is international, you are also expanding your property’s exposure to potential buyers and renters from all corners of the globe. This is particularly important is you are selling or renting vacation type-homes. In many markets around the world, a real estate agent may not be available. This happens in tropical regions like the South Pacific or the Caribbean’s region. For many who have primary or secondary residences in these places, they are often left on their own to advertise their listing and find a prospect. If you are in any of the situations mentioned above, you came to the right website.


1) If you cannot afford a website developed just for your single property, then make sure it is listed on a (or several) professional real estate directories like ours.

2) Make sure that all important details that make your properties sellable or rentable are clearly listed.

3) Give your listing something a little different. Even US track homes have something unique that sets each apart from other listings in their neighborhood. Yours may be in a quiet cul-de-sac or with a driveway large enough for an RV. This is the time to brag about your property and what makes it a great asset to buy.

4) In some situations, it is worth explaining why you are selling. Maybe your spouse was promoted and transferred to a new town: "We loved our home for 5 years but our family has to move due to a promotion. It brought us great blessings, etc." This type of statement reassures the prospective buyers that there is nothing wrong with the house.

5) Put as many great photos as you can. There is nothing worst for a "looker" to have a listing description and no photos to visual it. Great photos can speak a thousand words and secure an appointment or a conversation with this prospect.


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