The South Pacific and Real Estate Trends

South Pacific Real Estate Market

Real estate market’s in the South Pacific are varying in their economic positions as we go into 2015. Australia is showing a very strong real estate market with an almost 10% climb in house prices in the past couple of years, compared to its previous 2 to 3 percent climbs. Sydney saw the largest climb, with an almost 15% increase in property values. If you are holding onto any Australian real estate, this is probably a great time to sell, as you will get much higher values than you would have gotten even 5 years ago.

The South Pacific is also home to many islands that also have some great real estate locations. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization for a while, or want a great remote vacation home, they can be found at great prices all throughout the south pacific. The Fiji Islands, the Kuril Islands, the Philippines, Indonesia, and even the whole of Japan fall into the South Pacific region.

Large countries like Japan have been experiencing a boom in economic activity in the last couple of years as they are recovering from the troubled economy of a few years ago at a staggering rate.

New Zealand is also a strong force in the south pacific, having been looked at as a very safe place for investment properties as their economy has been quite stable over the last few years and doesn’t really show any sign of changing in the near future. New Zealand is a very beautiful country to purchase property in, and you will probably see a slow and steady increase in value as time goes on if everything stays on the course it is now.

The South Pacific is a great place to search for a wide array of real estate. Contact one of our real estate experts if you have questions about, or are looking for, real estate in the South Pacific.



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