5 Tricks To Best Stage Your Bathroom

5 tricks to staging your bathroom

Staging your bathroom to look like a custom designed bathroom is fairly easy, fun to do and will make a big difference in the impression potential buyers have. You heard it many times before "Kitchen and bathrooms sell a home" and this is true in most cases. You want your bathroom(s) to impress the prospects and want to buy your home.

5 tricks to staging a bathroom        showing a bathroom

Trick #1 - Clean, clean and clean again.

Yes a clean bathroom is a must when selling your home. Go ahead, put your rubber gloves on and scrubs. Start with the walls and work your way down to the tub and/or shower, the toilet, the sink, cabinets, wall trims and flooring. Use an old tooth brush to get to these hard to reach places. If you have stained surfaces, sometimes some bleach and water left on the stain will do the trick.

Trick #2 - A fresh coat of paint

Choose a neutral color who will make your bathroom look bigger though stay away from pure bright white unless you have fantastic appliances and will use lots of accents colors to embellish the room. In most cases, the ceiling should be a lighter color (you can use pure white on the ceiling). The trim around the wall should also be painted (if wood). If the trims are rubber, then a good scrub should work. If parts are missing, replace then. Roll of wall trim is affordable and fairly easy to install.

Trick #3 - Cabinets

This is a humid room by nature. Soap, warm water and some elbow grease will remove any accumulated dirt from years of usage. Make sure not to scrub the grain out. Sometimes painting the cabinets is a good option. Use a water proof paint made for bathroom. Keep it neutral again. Adding or replacing hardware on the doors and drawers will add some immediate visual appeal to your bathroom.

Trick #4 - Hardware

Unless you are in the high end market, this is not the time to replace the bathtub and sink. Well it also depends on how outdated yours may be. If you are unsure, ask your professional real estate agent for his or her opinion. Agents have great experience and feel for what buyers in your area are expecting to see in a bathroom. They see it and hear it every day. Replacing the faucets may be worth for $100 or $200 investment and again this does not require a contractor or a plumber, just a handy man (hopefully you have one of those around the house).

Trick #5 - Decoration

Fresh flowers always work! Tall long flowers will make your ceiling look higher therefore the room more spacious. Remove any trace of you leaving there: No toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, perfume, etc. Pack up all of your toiletry (and we mean all, even those in the cabinet) into a box and store it elsewhere in the house. You want your bathroom to look like it has not been used. Make sure the art work is elegant and in line with the style of your home and what prospective buyers in your areas are wanting to see: Beach feeling for water front properties, country feel for farm houses, etc.

New towels also always work! A brand new towel set, never used, really changes the look of a bathroom. Fold or display the towels like one would see in a high end resort, creating a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.


As you can see staging a bathroom to impress your prospective home buyers is not brain surgery and with a small budget and time, you can transform your simple bathroom into a room that will impress your buyers and help you get top dollar for your home.


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